Sunday, August 31, 2014

Reflections of HOPE: First step on being positive....

Being Positive

Be positive. Look on the “can do” side of things rather than the “can’t do”. You’ve accomplished lots in your life and you will accomplish lots more in the future.

Be in charge of your thoughts at all times. 
What is a thought? It’s just a question that you’ve asked yourself and the thought is you’re answer. If you’re thinking negative thoughts, you’re probably asking a negative question. Change the questions to be more positive.

Whenever you feel a negative thought coming, STOP, THINK, and say is this really important in the grand scheme of things?

Do you let the words of others affect you? Do you mind what they think of you? Remember that no one can make you feel inferior without your consent. It’s not what they say to you that’s the problem it’s what you say to yourself after they have stopped talking that’s the problem.

  Change the way you think.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Reflections of HOPE- Change is GOOD

What is the biggest change you would like to make in your life?  

Do you have enough support to do it right?

I can help.

Think about it, you can be or do anything your heart desires.

What are your desires?

Are you happy? 
After every rainstorm, if there is light, you will transform into a beautiful rainbow.....

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Reflections of HOPE: Embracing the Ride

What is the worst roller coaster ride in your life?

Divorce? a diagnosis? death of a loved one? loss of a job or security?

Whatever troubles you, you MUST embrace the ride.  

Step 1- get on ride, when you are forced to face your fears, it is best to just get on with it.  Go through the motions.

Step 2- safety belt.  Make sure your ride is safe, Don't seek out a blindfold or anything that can make the ride easier to handle.  In order to get to the end of the journey you must start at the beginning. 

Step 3- when the coaster is climbing up the hill, dig your feet in to the ground, usually anticipation is far worse then the actual drop.  

Step 4- Enjoy the easy parts.  Let yourself smile, and feel the wind blowing in your hair.  Give yourself credit for coming this far. 

Step 5- When the coaster is full of twist and turns and sometimes knocking you around, just hold on.  Each day you are on this coaster, the more strong you become.  Remember these times, embrace them.  

The Final Step- When you get off the ride, you realize it wasn't that bad.  But the truth is, its devastating. It is a horrible ride, one you would never have your worse enemy go on.  You now realize, the ride sucks and will never change, but we change and we get more tolerant to these quick twists and upside down feelings....

In order to heal, embrace the ride.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Reflections of HOPE: Letting GO!

Are you holding onto something / someone from your past?

What good is it to hold on?  Even in the movie the Titanic, Grace let Jack go, after saying," I will never let you go."  

So what does it all mean?  

For me... we always hold onto loved ones that have passed.  I believe that death is not a goodbye its a see you later.  Heaven is not that far away, and until you can understand the capabilities of our loved ones who have crossed over, will you then begin to understand you can still have a relationship on a spiritual level.  I kind of look at it this way... I live in NJ and I have family in Florida, Washington, New York and in Heaven.... 

I will never let my daughter go in my heart, however I have let go and let her guide me to understand what my life was meant to be...